The Willow and Bear Floral Design Style

This is my first attempt at writing a blog. I currently feel like I’m writing to myself so I do hope someone out there is reading this now?

I will be honest & upfront & say I am not much of a self publicist, I don’t typically like writing or talking about myself & I would be so much happier if I was currently reading someone else’s blog right now. However, I get asked a lot about the When, How & Why of me becoming a florist & the journey to set up Willow and Bear so it feels right to be sharing this with you now.

I hear a lot of you saying 'I can't do what you do' or 'I can't choose flowers' well I am going to convince you that... Yes You Can!

My journey into floristry has been a long one which for a long time seemed to be out of reach. In 2020 however, everything slotted in to place to make running my own business a possibility & then a reality with that wait now feeling even more rewarding.

For anyone thinking about becoming a florist or even setting up a floristry business - I would say go for it... I can't think of a more challenging, uplifting & rewarding career choice which provides the opportunity to meet some incredible people with amazing stories to share and a role that allows you to see and hear the impact that your creation has made to someone is simply incredible. It is a career that through the pleasure of receiving, giving & the act of cultivating flowers and foliage brings pleasure, comfort & the chance for reflection not to mention the unquestionable benefits of doing a job that makes you happy.

For anyone looking for a new hobby or interest then I would say 'Just begin & don't be too hard on yourself.' I started my working life as an Occupational Therapist with a sense that occupations such as floral design & gardening offer great benefits to both a persons physical and mental health. The opportunity to engage in mindfulness and reflection is inevitable when working with flowers as we stare into a beautiful bloom or wonder at an incredible scent or even recall memories of another time that we have come across a particular variety of flower.

My flower workshop is most definitely 'My Happy Place' and somewhere that I feel very lucky to be able to work from.

Through the very strange times of the COVID lockdown this year I have worked with the tremendous support of my husband and children to start a business from scratch in our small village community in Copmanthorpe, York. The support and encouragement from the local community and from right across York & Yorkshire has been truly inspiring and has given us the momentum to set up Willow and Bear and create a new small but perfectly formed workshop in just a short couple of weeks. At the heart of our brand is to support the community and local causes to help bring you all together through the magic of flowers and design.

The Willow and Bear style might best be described as natural, romantic and as nature intended. Nothing is perfect, contrived or unnatural.

Working with seasonal flowers and foliage enables me to ensure that the best quality blooms are added into every creation. Many of the design ingredients are either home grown or are sourced from a small selection of carefully selected growers who are unbelievable growers of some unusual blooms enabling me to wherever possible, showcase the Best of British.

With great care and attention going into every order I really consider how to create a design that works best for the recipient and to meet the customers requirements. and I try to make ordering as easy & enjoyable as possible with the flexibility to make each order a bespoke creations so that you will never see 2 identical Willow and Bear orders.

Much of my knowledge is either self taught, learnt from some of the wonderful teachers and mentors that I have had the privilege to meet on courses. I feel this enables me to offer you a unique perspective that won't scare you or bombard you with terminology or techniques that may feel beyond your own current reach.

Each week in this blog I will focus on one design that I have created to show you how I put the ingredients together to make something that's a unique Willow and Bear Floral Design & l hope that you too might feel inspired to either replicate the design shown or feel ready to create something of your own.

Till then.... it's goodbye from me

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